A Night at the Opera House: The Music of Queen | The Philly Pops
A Night at the Opera House: The Music of Queen

A Night at the Opera House: The Music of Queen

Brent Havens, Conductor

The Met Philadelphia

858 North Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19130
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30 November 2019
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Brody Dolyniuk

In an exciting new expansion of its POPS Rocks brand, The Philly POPS announces A Night at the Opera House: The Music of Queen, a one-night-only performance, November 30, 2019, at The Met Philly. 

This performance will bring the legendary songs of Queen to the Philadelphia Metropolitan Opera House’s incredible stage, and in blending the genres of rock and opera, the show pays homage to the transformation of the Met itself—a once-opera house turned to a Live Nation venue.  

“The rebirth of The Met has created a new shining star on North Broad,” said Frank Giordano, President and CEO of The Philly POPS. “The POPS is honored to be a part of this historic rebirth, and there is no better fit for this beautiful venue than the music of Queen, played by the people’s orchestra.” 

Under the direction of renowned conductor Brent Havens, this show will feature The Philly POPS in classic Queen hits like "We Will Rock You," "Under Pressure," and "Bohemian Rhapsody." Vocalist Brody Dolyniuk brings his stunning talent to bear in a tribute to Freddie Mercury. Brody has previously performed with “Yellow Brick Road,” a classic rock band based out of Las Vegas, and has performed covers of classic rock songs for various types of media, including the smash-hit Guitar Hero III video game.  

Guest Artists

Brent Havens, conductor


Berklee-trained arranger/conductor Brent Havens has written music for orchestras, feature films and virtually every kind of television. His TV work includes movies for networks such as ABC, CBS and ABC Family Channel Network, commercials, sports music for networks such as ESPN and even cartoons. Havens has also worked with the Doobie Brothers and the Milwaukee Symphony, arranging and conducting the combined group for Harley Davidson’s 100th Anniversary Birthday Party Finale attended by over 150,000 fans. He has worked with some of the world's greatest orchestras including the Royal Philharmonic and the BBC Concert Orchestra in London, the CBSO in Birmingham, England, the Malaysian Philharmonic, the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, the Minnesota Orchestra, the Pittsburgh Symphony, the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, the Houston Symphony, the Atlanta Symphony, the Baltimore Symphony, the Dallas Symphony, the Fort Worth Symphony, the Nashville Symphony, the Buffalo Philharmonic and countless others.

Havens recently completed the score for the film Quo Vadis, a Premier Pictures remake of the 1956 gladiator film. In 2013 he worked with the Baltimore Symphony and the NFL's Baltimore Ravens to arrange and produce the music for the Thanksgiving Day halftime show between the Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers, adapting both classical music and rock songs into a single four minute show. Havens is Arranger/Guest Conductor for all of the symphonic rock programs for Windborne Music.

Brody Dolyniuk, vocalist


Brody Dolyniuk remembers mimicking voices even as a child, listening to old records and tapes. He is a gifted, self-taught musician, capable of playing several instruments, with a particular knack for capturing the voices and mannerisms of classic characters from music, TV, and movies. 

His first professional gigs were at piano bars in several U.S. cities, where he learned to charm audiences and expand his musical repertoire. With a longing to perform the music of the many rock bands that inspired him, Brody assembled Yellow Brick Road, unquestionably Las Vegas' most successful classic rock band. Since 1997, YBR has been reshaping the casino entertainment scene by bringing a rock concert atmosphere to showrooms previously reserved for Top-40-style lounge acts. Along the way, Brody has made numerous radio and TV appearances, and earned a spot in the finals of two national singing competitions, and even self-produced several large rock production-style shows utilizing multimedia, lasers, comedy and special effects. 

In 2007, Brody lent his vocal talents by singing several tracks on the mega-hit video game Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, and has already done several more for the new Konami game Rock Revolution

Brody joined Windborne Music in 2009 as vocalist for the Music of Queen show, but has proven to be versatile enough to become the lead on our Rolling Stones, The Who, U2, Journey, and Elton John shows (and is an on-call stand-in for several others including Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd).

As a devout classic rock fan, Brody's enthusiasm, vocal ability and on-stage energy were the perfect fit Windborne Music's Symphony shows, and continue to win over audiences around the globe.