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Learn more about the Philly POPS Music Director Michael Krajewski, Principal Guest Conductor David Charles Abell, and President & CEO Frank Giordano. Please contact us with interview requests.

Music Director Michael Krajewski
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Maestro Michael Krajewski
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Known for his entertaining programs and clever humor, Michael Krajewski took the helm as Music Director and Conductor of The Philly POPS® with the beginning of The POPS’ 35th season in October 2013. Michael’s musical direction has infused The Philly POPS performances with a fresh energy that has sparked excitement from longtime and new concertgoers.

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Principal Guest Conductor David Charles Abell
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David Charles Abell

Classical music, opera, film music and musical theater all contribute to David's diverse career, unified by a serious yet theatrical approach. 

Frank Giordano, President & CEO
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Frank Giordano, President & CEO
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    Frank Giordano, President & CEO

Since joining the POPS in 2011, Frank has led the organization to unprecedented success in ticket sales, contributed revenue, community engagement and programming. He is a fixture in Philadelphia’s leadership circles and serves on the boards of many meaningful and impactful organizations.