Sensory Friendly POPS | The Philly Pops

Sensory Friendly POPS

Sensory and Family Friendly performances are designed to create a welcoming environment for individuals and families who have sensory sensitivities, cognitive processing differences or anyone who may benefit from a relaxed performance environment. All are welcome to these family-friendlyperformances. Use code SFPOPS to access the designated sensory friendly seating in the Orchestra section of Verizon Hall.

Features and Resources Available for Sensory and Family Friendly Performances:

Pre-Visit Stories/ Picture Schedule: to inform guests before they arrive.

Sensory Sensitive environment features: 

  • ​Lighting will be mid-level.
  • Guests are invited to move, get up to walk around, and be who they are. 
  • NO shushing! Guests are welcome to vocalize and enjoy the performance as they wish in a shush-free environment. 
  • A cool down space outside of Verizon Hall (2 locations) with bean bag chairs where guests may take a break from sensory stimuli. 
  • Noise canceling headphones will be available through Art-Reach, and guests may also bring their own headphones. Amplified sound will be kept mid-level.
  • Open concert hall doors will remain open, so guests can come and go as they please. 
  • Fidget toys and sensory stress toys. Guests are also welcome to bring additional manipulatives, cushions, and extra support or comfort objects to the concert. 

Trained staff, ushers, musicians, and volunteers from Art Reach are prepared to welcome and assist during the performance.